HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena with a 155 of the best wrestling fans in the business. HPW Fans helped raise over $800.00 in cash and toys for the Columbus IN Firemen's Cheer Fund to help kids at Christmas! The Fans went home happy seeing a great show and showing their love to Firemen's Cheer Fund.
HPW Wrestling
4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN
ATT 155

Kenny Cage pinned Kid Thunder
Cousin Cooter beat Drax O'Brien in a non title HPW TRI State match
TVZ Beat TJ Kemp & Doink The Clown to keep the HPW Tag Belts
EL Rayo pinned Timmy Danger
Sexy Shawn Cook pinned EdgrinStone
Scarecrow Eddie Felson beat Johnny Gym Man and Shawn Kemp in a 3 way dance for the HPW Cruiserweight belt
Dynamite Dillen beat Marc Houston w/Timmy Dangerto keep the belt
lHPW Wrestling Returns Saturday January 7th to start year 19 in Columbus, IN

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena with a full house of the best wrestling fans in the business. HPW Fans helped raise over $1000.00 in cash and toys for the Columbus IN Firemen's Cheer Fund to help kids at Christmas! The Fans went home happy seeing a great show and showing their love to Firemen's Cheer Fund. Thanks to The Night Owl Country Band for performing and all the CFD Firemen who came out and supported the show! Thanks to all the show sponsors!

HPW Wrestling
4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN
ATT-Full House

Doink beat Cody Daniels
Clint Poe pinned Kenny Cage
Ladies Match
Paris Kelly pinned Haley Shadows
Dog Collar Match
Cousin Cooter beat Mad Dog Jessie
Lover Leaves Town for HPW TRI State belt
Drax O'Brien became the New Tri State Champ
sending Lightning Bolt away
Street Fight
TVZ Beat Too Cool in a great match that had the fans fired up
Ladder Match for HPW Cruiserweight Title
Scarecrow Eddie Felson pinned Bobby Black to win the belt
HPW Title Match
Dynamite Dillen pinned Timmy Danger to keep the belt
Promoter Jerry Wilson beat Diamond Dan in a Arm Wrestling contest to keep
100% ownership of HPW and sending Dan and Manager D Rose out the door.
D Rose Diamond Dan's Manager came out with a birthday cake for Jerry wanting
his job back. He ended up with a face full of cake when Firemen Ben Noblitt
smashed the cake into Rose's face which the HPW Fans loved and cheered big time
when as they left the building! 

HPW Wrestling Returns Saturday December 3rd to Columbus, IN

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena with a 170 fired up wrestling fans. They went home happy seeing a great show and showing their love to Handsome Jimmy Valiant!

HPW Wrestling
Columbus, IN

HPW CruiserWeight Title Match
Bobby Black kept the belt beating Johnathan Wolfe & Scarecrow Eddie Felson in a great match
Cousin Cooter destroyed Mad Dog Jesse Sawyer
Lightning Bolt kept The HPW TRI State belt beating Drax O'Brien
Handsome Jimmy Valiant & Sexy Shawn Cook beat Guy Lombardo & Billy Bart
JKO Pinned Kid Thunder
Too Cool kept the HPW Tag Belts against TVZ when the ref call for a DQ
Dynamite Dillen became the New HPW Heavyweight Champion when he pinned Vic The Bruiser

HPW Wrestling returns to the HPW Arena Saturday November 5th for their 18 Year Anniversay Show and their 12th Annual FIREMEN'S CHEER FUND Toy Drive show to help kids in need in Bartholomew County at Christmas!!

Thanks for all your support!
Jerry Wilson
HPW Promoter

Debuting Trailer Park Trash destroyed Dynamite Dillen with some of the loudest chops ever
Bobby Black pinned Scarecrow Eddie Felson to keep the HPW Cruiserweight belt
Mitch Johnson beat Shiloh Jonze by DQ when Shawn Cook interfered
The Intagibles Lightning Bolt & Drax O'Brien won the HPW Tag Titles beating TVZ
Flash Flanagan kept the HPW Heavyweight belt with help from Manager Timmy Danger and Trailer Park Trash who beat down TJ Kemp till Marc Houston came and made the save. 
Promoter Jerry Wilson announced the Main Event for September 5th which made the fans happy as they want to see Marc Houston and TJ Kemp take care of Flash, Trash and Danger in the Main Event that night. 
Thanks to the best Indy Wrestling Fans in America!!!!
HPW Wrestling Returns Saturday September 1st with 3 Big Title matches.

Special Thank you out Tom at JD Byrider and Todd at Aaron's for
sponsoring the 14th Annual JD Byrider-HPW Wrestling "Fill The Shelves" Can fos donated over $400 to Troy Van Zant and Reba for the Baby Nolan fund. Thanks again for the love and respect you gave to Nolan's family!!!!

Big Thank you out to JD Byrider and Aaron's for sponsoring the 14th Annual JD Byrider-HPW Wrestling "Fill The Shelves" Can food drive show! As always thanks to best fans wrestling in Indy wrestling the HPW Fans who brought over 1200 cans of food to go to the East 

Columbus Community Center on Monday ! 

HPW Results 6/27/15
Scarecrow pinned Jonathan Owens
AJ Hawkins pinned Wicked Clown

Clint Poe pinned Dewey Brown

Mitch Jonson and Miss Alice beat Stompin Steve in a Handicap Match 
to win The HPW Intergender Tag belts
Drax O'Brien & Lightning Bolt Johnson beat TVZ in a Non Title HPW Tag Title Match

HPW Heavyweight Champ Flash Flanagan beat TJ Kemp to keep the belt

HPW Wrestling
4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN

AJ Hawkins beat Dash Venture
Cowboy Marc Houston pinned the Body Guy and Dillen Dynamite in a handicap match
Shiloh Jonze pinned Shawn Cook to keep the HPW Tri State Belt
Scarecrow Eddie Felson pinned Bobby Black in a Non Title Cruiserweight Title Belt match
TVZ beat the Intangibiles to keep the HPW Tag Belts
Stompin Steve pinned Mitch Johnson
Main Event Last Chance HPW Title match
Flash Flanagan pinned Rob Ramer to win the HPW Title. Timmy Danger was at ringside with a briefcase 
and came into the ring and offered to buy Flash. Then longtime HPW Fan Favorite took the money and made Danger
his manager attacking the ref. Promoter Jerry Wilson came into the ring and tried to talk sense to Flash, he was the attacked by Flash with the Kendo stick and left Wilson in a pile of blood which cause the fans to chant you sold out!
Angry fans left the building as Wilson attended to.
Great show for the best wrestling fans anywhere!

HPW Returns to Columbus, IN Saturday June 27th for their 14th Annual Fill The Shelves Food drive show
at the JD Byrider lot. Admission is 6 cans of food per person and bring your own lawn chairs.

HPW Wrestling returned to Columbus, IN Saturday May 2nd to give the best Indy fans in wrestling one heck of a show. Despite 3000 people attending 3 shows on the fairgrounds midway with shows at 2pm 5pm and 7:30pm. 
Special thanks to the HPW fans the best in Indy Wrestling!

HPW Wrestling
Saturday May 2nd 2015
4-H Fair Grounds
Columbus, IN

Mitch Johnson pinned Andrew Stryker
Lightning Bolt & Drax O'Brien beat JKO & JKO Junior & Shawn Kemp & Mystery Partner 
to become the # 1 contenders to the HPW Tag Team Belts
Bobby Black pinned Scarecrow Eddie Felson
Stompin Steve & Lylah Lodge beat LuFisto & Dash Venture when Stompin Steve pinned Dash Venture 
to win the New HPW Intergender Tag Belts
Cowboy Marc Huston did a double pin on Butcher Manson & Dynamite Dillen
TVZ kept the HPW Tag Belts beating Flash Flanagan & TJ Kemp
Shiloh Jones pinned Sexy Shawn Cook to win the HPW TRI STATE Belt
Main Event
HPW Heavyweight Champion Double R Rob Ramer beat IRONMAN Rob Conway to keep the HPW
Title then TVZ helped the champ attack Conway after the match!

HPW Returns Saturday June 6th

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena last night with its loyal faithful crowd along with some new fan to see the WGN America Wrestling With Death Stars in action. They were not dissappointed by the WWD and HPW Wrestlers! 

HPW Wrestling 
Columbus, IN 
4-H Fairgrounds 

TJ Kemp pinned Butcher Manson 

Johnathan Owens pinned Andrew Stryker 

Cowboy Marc Houston pinned Dynamite Dillion 

Timmy Danger pinned Harry with his feet on the ropes. Danger then tryed to get Mad Max in the ring but Miss Sandra came to the ring and gave Danger a bodyslam before he fled to the back. 

Lightning Bolt & Drax O'Brien beat Cooter & Stompin Steve 

Shawn Cook kept the HPW Tri State belt beating Derrick King from WWD 

JKO Beat Big Daddy LaFonce when the ref was knocked down as JKO had a chair. When ref came back he saw Big Daddy with ehe chair and called for a DQ which upset the fans big time. 

Main Event 

Double R Rob Ramer kept the HPW Title when TVZ double crossed Flash Flanagan with attack. TVZ Earlier won the HPW Tag Belts from the Wicked Clown & Scare Crow Eddie Felson. 

HPW Returns to Columbus Saturday May 2nd with Lady Star LUFISTO returning 

HPW Wrestling
Columbus, IN

TJ Kemp won a 3 way over Drax O'Brien and Mitch Johnson
Marc Houston pinned Lightning Bolt
Stompin Steve, Cooter and JC Bunyan beat Dillen Swango, Darren Knight and Dash Venture
Shawn Cook pinne Troy Van Zant tow in the HPW Tri State Belt
Andrew Stryker beat Butcher Manson
Scare Crow Eddie Felson & Wicked Clown beat Tom Van Zant & Bobby Black to win 
the HPW Tag Belts when Bobby Black turned on Tom Van Zant
Double R Rob Ramer kept the HPW Heavyweight Title beating Flash Flanagan with help from Scarecrow and the Clown

HPW Returns to Columbus, IN Saturday April 4th with the WGN TV Reality Show Wrestling With Death Stars coming to HPW!

HPW Wrestling returned to HPW Arena before a packed house of hot fired up fans who saw a great night of Pro Wrestling action!

HPW Wrestling
4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN
Att-200 pd

Cousin Cooter & Stompin Steve beat Scarecrow Eddie Felson & Darren Knight
Troy Van Zant kept the Tri State Belt beating Butcher Manson
Bobby Black & Tom Van Zant  beat The Kemps TJ & TJ Jr to retain the HPW Tag Belts
Scarecrow pinned Dillion Swango
Lightning Bolt beat Drax O'Brien
Lylah Lodge beat LuFisto when Lufisto was counted out when she left the ring
Dash Venture  vs JKO Jr was declared a NO Contest when JKO hit the ring to save JKO Jr
Rob Ramer pinned FLash Flanagan when 2nd referee Annoucer Chris Lowe turned on Flash Flanagan and did a quick count
so Ramer kept the belt. Promoter Jerry Wilson fired Lowe to the delight of the fans. Ramer then announced he has hire Gentleman Chris Lowe as his manager.  This match was very intense and the HPW were upset with Ramer & Lowe!

HPW Wrestling started 2015 their 17th year off with a bang. Packed house of 200 plus hot wrestling fans and an
action packed card with 2 title changes!
HPW Wrestling
"New Year's Bash"
Columbus, IN
Att-200 plus paid
TJ Kemp Jr beat JKO Jr by dq when Lightning Bolt and Drax O'Brien attacked Kemp Jr
Cousin Cooter & Hillbilly Jed beat Scarecrow & Wicked Clown
Jacob Johns pinned Stompin Steve
Bobby Black & Tom Van Zant beat The 8 Bit Punks to become nrw HPW Tag Champs
Troy Van Zant won a 3 Way Dance over Dash Venture & JKO to become the new HPW Tri State Champion
TJ Kemp & TJ Kemp Lightning Bolt & Drax O'Brien when Kemp pinned Drax
HPW Heavyweight Champ Rob Ramer pinned Flash Flanagan 
HPW Returns to Columbus, IN Saturday January 31st with a HPW Title Rematch between Ramer & Flash
and Lady Wrestling Star LuFisto comes into HPW!

Despite thousands of people in downtown Columbus for the annual Christmas parade, Christmas Village and Fireworks. HPW Wrestling had 150 loyal fans come out to see a Cold Water Challenge the Firemen's way hosing down 3 HPW Wrestlers , 7 great matches and raising $400.00 in cash and toys for the Firemen's Cheer Fund! Thanks to all you great HPW Fans!

HPW Wrestling
Columbus, IN

*TJ Kemp pinned Jamie Johns
in Steve pinned ScareCrow Eddie Felson

*8 Bit Punks beat TJ Kemp & Shawn Kemp when Anarchy pinned Shawn 
*Cousin Cooter beat Wicked Clown then was attacked by Felson and the Clown until Promoter Jerry Wilson made the save with chair shots.
*Dash Venture pinned Yukon Mike
*JKO vs Troy Van Zant went to a DQ when Dash Venture interfered. This sets up a three way dance January 3rd between these guys
*Flash Flanagan and Hillbilly Jedd beat Bobby Black & Tom Van Zant with Niki

HPW Wrestling returns to Columbus, IN Saturday January 3rd!

HPW wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks everyone for their
support as we begin our 17th Year in January!

HPW Wrestling returned to Columbus IN Saturday night November 1st before a very packed house of HPW fans to celebrate their 16 YR Anniversary and raise cash and toys for the Firemen's Cheer Fund of Columbus and the fans were were very giving as HPW raised $700 plus cash and $500 in toys. Big thanks to the best fans around pro wrestling!

HPW Wrestling
16 Yr Anniversary
Cheer Fund Show
4-H Fairgrounds 
Columbus, IN 
Att-Packed House

HPW Tag Title Match
8 Bit Punks  kept belts beating Lightning Bolt & Drax O'Brien
Lylah Lodge pinned Atisha
Stompin Steve,Big Mike & Sign Guy won a 6 mans beating Cooter, Scarecrow, & Bobby Black
Tri-State Title Match Loser leaves for 60 Days
Dash Venture beat Troy Van Zant by DQ
Strap Match
Hillbilly Jed pinned Tom Van Zant
Casket Match
TJ Kemp beat JKO  closing him up in the casket
HPW Title Match
Rob Ramer pinned Donny Idol
Main Event
Rob Conway beat Flash Flanagan

Rob Conway and Flash Flanagan were inducted into the HPW Hall Of Fame 
Fan Phil Lockridge was given the HPW Lifetime Fan Award

HPW returns Saturday December 6th and will be continue collecting toys and donations for the Cheer Fund!

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena to a packed house of HPW Wrestling Fans for their annual Halloween based show with Halloween Creatures and characters for a fun night of wrestling action!

HPW Wrestling
October 4th
4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN
Att-250 plus
Yukon Mike beat Fiji Wildman
Michael Myers pinned Stompin Steve after hitting him with a foreign object.
Hillbilly Jedd beat Tom Van Zant w/Niki
8 Bit Punks beat Bobby Black & Scarecrow
Dash Venture beat Troy Van Zant to keep The HPW Tri State belt
JKO and TJ Kemp battled to a DDQ
Leatherface pinned Jacob Johns
Zombie Rob Ramer pinned Donny Idol to keep the HPW Heavyweight Belt
HPW Returns to Columbus, IN Saturday November 1st for their 16 Year Anniversary show and 10th annual Firemen's Cheer Fund Raiser to help Kids in need at Christmas. 
Former WWE Superstar and Current NWA World Champion Ironman Rob Conway battles Indy Super Star Flash Flanagan in the Main Event!

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Wrestling Arena to a full house of 215 plus fans who saw a great night of HPW Wrestling action!

HPW Wrestling
4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN

Fiji Wildman w/Stevie Jonak pinned Yukon Mike
Hillbilly Jed beat Jacob Toms w/Niki by DQ when Tom Van Zant attacked Jed
JKO pinned Bobby Black
Stompin Steve & Lylah Lodge beat Wicked Clown & Scarecrow Fast Eddie when Lylah pinned Scarecrow
After this match Ricky Ruckus hit the ring and beat down Scarecrow
Donny Idol pinned Aaron Anarchy
Dash Venture pinned Troy Van Zant to win the HPW Tri-State Title
Main Event
Flash Flanagan & Hillbilly Jed beat Tom Van Zant & Jacob Toms w/Niki whem Flanagan pinned Toms

HPW Wrestling returns to Columbus, IN  Saturday October 4th

August 2nd, 2014
Columbus, IN
HPW Wrestling
4-H Fairgrounds
Att-235 pd

Lylah Lodge & Stompin Steve  beat Crazy Mary & Madman Pondo when Lylah pinned Crazy Mary
8 Bit Punk kept the HPW Tag belts with a double pin on Scarecrow & Brian Dewey
Troy Van Zant made Dash Venture tapout and kept the HPW Tri State Belt
Ricky Ruckus  beat Cooter and Wicked Clown in a Handicap  Loser Leaves match when he pinned Cooter who has to leave HPW for 90 days
In a second Loser Leaves HPW for 90 days Drax O'Brien won when Lightning Bolt was found to have used a chain when getting his hnd raised
Donny Idol won a chance to face HPW Champ Rob Ramer at the Sept. 6th show when he pinned Tom Van Zant
JKO & TJ Kemp battled to a Double Countout

Great HPW show tonight with the greatest Indy anywhere fired up for every match! 
HPW Returns to Columbus Saturday September 6th

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena with a packed house of hot fired up wrestling who saw agreat night of HPW Wrestling and helped a great cause American Cancer Relay for Life by raising $400 for the cause.

 HPW Wrestling



Columbus, IN


Ricky Ruckus beat Fast Eddie and The Wicked Clown in a handicap match

Cooter & Fiji Wildman beat Stompin Steve & Sabatoge Styes

Lightning Bolt Johnson beat Drax O'Brien

8 Bit Punks beat TVZ in reversed decision

Niki beat Hillbilly Jed

Diceman Ronnie Vegas & Insane Wayne beat Dash Venture & Nate Stone in a Brawl

Donny Idol & TJ Kemp beat Rob Conway & TJ Powers by DQ when JKO interferred. This led to a Baby turn of Rob Conway, who didn't take kindly to the heel gimmicks of JKO

Main Event

Zombie Rob Ramer pinned JKO to become the New HPW Heavyweight Champion!


HPW Returns to Columbus, IN Saturday June 28th with their 11 Annual JD Byrider & HPW "FILL THE SHELVES" Can food drive for the local food banks. Admission is 6 cans of food per person and bring your own lawn chairs. No Coolers or Alchohol


HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena before another packed house of the best Indy wrestling fans around and they saw a great night of HPW action!
HPW Wrestling
Columbus, IN
Att-225 PD
Fiji Wildman pinned Fast Eddie
Ricky Ruckus squashed The Wicked Clown
Sign Guy pinned Cameron Star in Intergender match
8 Bit Punks kept the HPW Tag belts when they beat Bobby Black & Jay Maddix
Cousin Cooter pinned Stompin Steve in a Strap on a pole match
Troy Van Zant pinned Nick Cutler to keep the HPW Tri State title
Donny Idol won a Dog Collar match vs TJ Kemp who then was attacked by JKO  leaving Kemp lying
JKO then went after Promoter Jerry Wilson and ended up being the one who got Dog Food fed to him.
Wilson then annouced JKO would face Flash Flanagan later  with it being a HPW Title match
Diceman Ronnie Vegas & Hillbilly Jed beat Nate Stone & Dash Venture when Jed pinned pinned Stone
JKO kept the HPW Title against a bloody Flash Flanagan in an HPW Brawl to end a great show!
HPW returns June 7th with former WWE Star Rob Conway


HPW Arena

Columbus, IN



JD Marioni pinned The Convict  w/Niki

The High Rollers beat Cooter and Stompin Steve when Cooter turned on Stompin Steve and Steve

was beaten down till the save was made.

8 Bit Punks kept the HPW Tag Belts defeating Troy Van Zant and Bobby Black

JKO Jr pinned TJ Kemp Jr

Donny Idol beat TJ Kemp when Kemp Jr gave Kemp a Dog Collar on a chain and Idol was hanging over the ropes

Flash Flanagan pinned Dash Venture w/ Stevie Jonak in a brawl

The Zombie Rob Ramer won by DQ over HPW Champ JKO when TJ Kemp help JKO injure the Zombie


Promoter Jerry Wilson

has signed 2 matches so far for May 3rd show

Strap on a Pole Stompin Steve vs Cooter Clampett

Dog Collar match Donny Idol vs TJ Kemp in a war to end the feud with loser eating dog food

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena with 300 plus Standing room only fans who saw a great HPW Wrestling event from top to bottom with 7 excellent matches! Former WWE Superstar "Ironman" Rob Conway was the headliner!
HPW Wrestling
Columbus, IN
Att-325 SRO
Hillbilly Jed pinned The Wicked Clown
Sever pinned Fiji Wildman
Troy Van Zant pinned Tom Van Zant to keep the HPW Tri-State Title
Cousin Cooter pinned Big Mike
Lylah Lodge pinned Camron Star
8 Bit Punks beat Dash Venture & Demarcus James to become the New HPW Tag Champs
Main Event
The Zombie Rob Ramer, Donny Idol & the returning Ricky Ruckus beat "Ironman" Rob Conway, TJ Kemp & JKO
in great main event that had the packed house fired up with the action as Zombie pinned JKO for the win!
Over all a great night at HPW Wrestling and a great turnout from the best Indie fans in wrestling!
HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena in Columbus, IN last night before a jam packed building of hot HPW Wrestling fans and gave the crowd an excellent show to see!

HPW Wrestling
"February Fallout"
4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN
TJ Powers pinned Fast Eddie
Sever pinned Fiji Wildman
Donny Idol pinned TJ Kemp in a Columbus Street Fight
Brawl that was fought all through the building!
Cooter pinned The Wicked Clown
8 Bit Punks beat Dash Venture and Vinny Balazano
JD Marioni won a 3 Way Dance over Bobby Black and Nick Cutler
Main Event:  Casket Match
Zombie Rob Ramer beat HPW Champ JKO by Dq when TJ Kemp came out
of the Casket when Zombie open it to put JKO in. Kemp and JKO destroyed
Zombie till Donny Idol and Commissioner Ricky Ruckus made the save. Then Zombie , Idol and Ruckus
threw both Kemp and JKO in the casket to end the show!
A great night of HPW action! Shawn Kemp, teenage son of Tri-State Champion "Too Cruel" TJ Kemp, pulls out the surprise victory over "The Main Attraction" Donny Idol, thanks in large part to help from the champ. The loss meant that Donny would not get a title shot against dear old dad. Idol got his revenge ten-fold later on in the evening.

The psychological issues of one Stompin' Steve seemed to bloom
 Saturday night as he was "reborn" as the masked "Sever." He got the pinfall as he and his partner, The Wicked Clown, defeated the team of Cousin Cooter and Fiji Wildman. Who knows where Sever's hands will take him next?

Pride and a title shot were on the line next, as Damian Cole faced one-half of the HPW Tag Team Champions, Chris Morrus. Damian and his "8-Bit Punks" team member Aaron Anarchy were beat soundly in their December title match. Damian had to beat the big Morrus to earn another title shot. Brains prevailed over brawn as the Punks will face "The Bad Azz Dudes" for the straps next month. A nice win for Cole. I'm a fan.

Woes at home continue to cost "The Mastadon" J.D. Mariani. He seemed to be in control during his match with Dash Venture. His estranged better half, "Darling" Nikki, made her way to ringside, ultimately distracting the big man and allowing Venture to get the k.o. win via loaded purse. I guess it's true.
up next was a Tri-State Title match as Kemp defended against Troy Van Zant. The champ was accompanied by his pride and joy, Shawn Kemp. After some delay tactics and double-teaming, Kemp had the upper hand. That quickly changed as Donny Idol hit the ring to break up the Kemp's shenanigans, allowing Van Zant to get the pinfall and the championship. The HPW Arena popped as a clearly overjoyed new champion took possession of the Tri-State Title. Idol and Kemp then went back-and-forth, only to have promoter Jerry Wilson book a "Columbus Street Fight" between the two in February. As a bonus, the junior Kemp will be banned from ringside.

The main event of the evening was a "Chairs of Insanity" match for the HPW Heavyweight Championship. Title holder "The Chairman" Joey "Kidd" Owens faced two-time former champ "The Zombie" Rob Ramer. Ten different chairs had to be used before a winner could crowned. After a brutal affair, Ramer got the duke by countout after Owens fled from the ring after the final chair was utilized. However, Owens retained the title as championships can only change hands via pinfall or submission. 

There seemed to be some confusion as Ramer claimed he heard referee Toby Lee say there would be NO countouts. Wilson swore he would look at the tape. He seemingly threatened Lee when he told him that he had better not had given bad information to Ramer. A great match, just sorry to see it end on such a note.
The ones you love really do hurt you the most.